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Server Rules

Rule #1: Respect Everyone
No derogatory speech such as racism, sexism, anti-semitism, or other remarks which are disrespectful towards other players.

Rule #2: Keep Things PG-13

No remarks or innuendos of sexual nature or excessive swearing.

Rule #3: No griefing of claimed areas or claimed area borders.

This includes the destruction of structures, animals, crop supplies, etc.

Rule #4: No exploiting known bugs.

Do not exploit known bugs. This includes duplicators, bypassing claims, locked containers, glitching through doors, etc. However, you may break bedrock on the nether roof.

Rule #5: Follow staff member directions.

When staff tell you something, it is expected that you follow their directions. Failure to do so will mean additional punishments may occur such as being muted or banned depending on the seriousness of the offense.

Rule #6: No solicitation.

No asking for free items, ranks, or permissions.

No advertising other servers, plugins, etc.

No attempt to sell in-game currency, items, ranks, permissions, etc. for real money.

Rule #7: No lag machines.

Do not create any builds whose purpose is to severely lag the server, or that may severely lag the server as an indirect result. If you are asked to remove or downsize a structure of such kind, please do so immediately or it will be forcefully deleted without compensation.

Rule #8: Do not ask for staff or server operator (OP).

Staff and server operators are chosen from applicants only. If you want an opportunity to become a staff member, please apply. Continually asking for a staff rank or OP will result in being muted.

Rule #9: No hacking.

This includes the use of unapproved clients, XRay texture packs, or anything that gives the user an unfair advantage.
The only approved client is: Optifine

Rule #10: No disrupting the community.

Disrupting the community is defined as a pattern of behavior that deviates greatly from the overall behavior and setting of the server’s existing community. This includes, but is not limited to: trolling, attempting to TP to or TP a player to you in order to kill them, killing the same player(s) over and over again, and excessive aggressive behavior.

Rule #11: Have fun!

Make sure you enjoy the server and everything we have to offer!

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