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Plugin Assistance

Here you'll be able to find the common commands for any of the plugins available to you on our server!


Towny (Town Commands)

  • /t new (town_name) : Create a new town (costs $250.00)

  • /t claim : Claim a new chunk (plot) for your town. (Must be next to a plot you already own)

  • /t spawn : Go to the town spawn located in your town's home plot.

  • /t deposit ($$$) : Deposit money into your town bank. (You cannot withdraw once it's deposited!!!)

  • /t invite (username) : Invite a player to join your town.

  • /t toggle (pvp, mobs, open, public, taxes, etc) : Toggle a feature in your town.

  • /t set perm (build, destroy, switch, use) : Set permissions for public claims in your town for residents, outsiders, and allies.

  • /t set taxes (%) : Set the tax (by %) in your town to ensure it can be paid for. Taxes go to the town bank.

  • /t outpost : Teleport to your town's outpost(s).

  • /t set title (username) (title_name) : Give a resident of your town a title.

Towny (Plot Commands)

  • /plot toggle (mobs, pvp, firespread, etc) : Toggle a feature within an individual claimed plot.

  • /plot set perm (build, destroy, switch, use) : Set the permission for an individual plot.

  • /plot fs : Put an individual plot up for sale. (Mayor Only)

  • /plot nfs : Set a plot as not for sale. (Mayor Only)

  • /plot claim : Claim a plot set for sale in the town.

  • /plot set embassy : Set a plot so it can be claimed/bought by players outside your town & nation.

Towny (Nation Commands)

  • /n new (nation_name) : Create a new nation (costs $2500.00)

  • /n deposit ($$$) : Deposit funds into the national bank to cover upkeep (You cannot withdraw once it's deposited!!!)

  • /n set taxes (%) : Set the tax (by %) in your nation to ensure it can be paid for. Taxes go to the national bank.

  • /n set capital : Set a town as the national capital (this will be where the national spawnpoint is).

  • /n set title (username) (title_name) : Give an individual in your nation a unique title.

  • /n ally (nation_name) : Send a request to form an alliance with another nation.

  • /n enemy (nation_name) : Set another nation as an enemy.

  • /n add (town_name) : Send an invite to a town for it to join your nation.

  • /n join : Join a nation.

  • /n toggle (peaceful, neutral, public, open) : Toggle a feature on or off in your nation.

Other Plugin Commands

  • /shop - Open the server's GUI Shop

  • /ah - Open the server's auction house GUI

  • /ce - Get a custom enchantment.

  • /ae info (enchantment_name) - Learn about any of our custom enchantments!

  • /spawn - Teleport to the server's spawn.

  • /wild - Randomly teleport to an unclaimed portion of the world.

  • /vp - Find out how many votes are left before the next VoteParty.

  • /vp claim - Claim any rewards from offline votes.

  • /tpa (username) - Send a teleport request to another player to teleport to them.

  • /tpahere (username) - Send a teleport request to another to teleport to you.

  • /tpaccept - Accept a teleport request.

  • /tpdeny - Deny a teleport request.

  • /bal - Check your balance!

  • /baltop - Check out the richest players on the server!

  • /pay (username) ($$$) - Pay another player.

  • /jobs browse - Bring up the jobs GUI. You can have up to 3 at once!

  • /iteminfo - Get the information for the item in your hand (Useful for making custom chest-shops!)

  • /sethome - Set your home. (You can only set one home!)

  • /home - Teleport to your home.

  • /delhome - Delete your home.

  • /mcstats - Check your MCMMO stats.

  • /mctop - Check the top MCMMO stats.

  • /g - Speak in global chat.

  • /nc - Talk in nation chat.

  • /tc - Talk in town chat.

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