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1. Q: Can I donate to get a rank/permissions?
A: No, we don't want the server to become something that is pay-to-win (p2w). Likewise, we can support the server just fine. Everything is going to be made available in-game, with in-game money and resources.

2. Q: Is there a map of the world?
A: Yes! The server uses a dynamic map, so you can see the world develop in near-real time! Check it out by clicking here!

3. Q: Why is voting so important?
A: Advertising for a Minecraft server is a very difficult task. There are so many to choose from, it can be hard to stick out. Most server listing sites are based on votes. The higher the amount of votes, the higher you are on the list. The only real way to grow your player size is to get more votes so more people see your server on the list.

4. Q: Why didn't that feature I suggested get added? Will I be notified on a decision on it?
A: We do look at the suggestions frequently, and we read and do research on every suggestion we receive. Then, we talk about whether it would be good to add to the server. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to return this feedback as we get so many suggestions.

5. Q: I reported a player, and they are still playing on the server! Is nothing being done about it?
A: The staff has ways to open investigations on players and keep notes on them. Investigations on player reports take time. While we take every report we receive seriously, we have to collect evidence to ensure we are making a fair and correct decision when we choose whether or not to punish a player, and when choosing the punishment.


6. Q: I put in a staff application. When will I know if it is accepted or denied?
A: This is a question that does not have a straight answer. We keep all applications we receive on record so we can go back through and read them whenever we want to bring on a new staff member. So, while it may not be accepted immediately, it could be further down the line.

7. Q: Will you be adding more features and/or game modes?
A: The core features of Neon Gaming are already on the server now. While some may be added in the future, they main updates you will be seeing are tweaks to what we already have. Neon Gaming will remain a Towny Server at its core, and while other minigames may be added, this will be when we are much, much further down the road.

If you have more questions, let us know through our discord, email, or in-game! We'll be happy to give you an answer!

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