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About Us

Neon Gaming was originally founded in 2012 as a Towny and mini-games server using Bukkit, but sadly closed its doors in 2016. Finally re-launching after the collapse of the TownyTime/ManaTime server, Neon Gaming hopes to bring a humble and friendly community that players can come together to enjoy Towny to its fullest extent.

Using custom enchantments, ChestShops, Cannons, Silk touch spawners, stackable spawners, stackable mobs, Jobs MCMMO, and much more; Neon Gaming is a player-driven server that allows players to find a niche they enjoy. Love to build? Town claims, and the ability to make yourself peaceful mean you can ensure your builds are protected while allowing you to stay out of the Towny Wars. Crave expansion? Cannons and custom enchantments allow you to build an army and conquer your neighbors to expand your empire. Want to start a business? ChestShops, Jobs, and MCMMO allow you to provide goods and services. But what about the server shop? The purchase and selling prices are purposely set high and low to make undercutting us profitable for you without making your items worthless!

Meet The Staff!




Esperical is the original owner and founder of Neon Gaming. Starting the first Neon Gaming server in 2012.




Pandorallly is the Co-Owner of Neon Gaming, and makes sure the show runs smoothly when Esperical isn't around.


Ice_Noodle97 is the lead Developer for Neon Gaming, making sure the server remains stable, adding new features for you to enjoy, and fixing those annoying bugs.


Slimecrowny is a server moderator, who makes sure that thing don't get out of control. Is a player causing issues, someone hacking, or you have a question? Let Slime know and he'll be happy to take care of you. You can usually find him building his dwarven city!


SteadyPrayinj is a server moderator and avid builder on the server. If you're having issues, find this friendly staff member to get the help you need. He can usually be found building an epic farm in his fantasy town.

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